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Greenshave is green by name and green by nature.

We can supply quality seasoned logs as firewood for burning.

 Our cut and split deciduous firewood is available in 1 or 2 cubic metre loads delivered in and around Swindon,
for more details please Contact Rob

  Logs for firewood


What firewood would?


Here are a few things I have learnt,

From the fires I’ve enjoyed,

About the logs that can be burnt,

And the ones you should avoid.


Ash is easily the best,

With Oak not far behind,

But I’ll tell you all about the rest,

For when these are hard to find.


Hazel is one that I admire,

Not just for its seeds,

It burns brilliantly on a fire,

And fills many other needs.


Beech is also pretty good,

It burns both bright and clear,

But has fairly saturated wood,

So it’s best left for a year.


Mulberry burns just right,

And so too will Hawthorn,

Good to put on overnight,

To still be warm at dawn.


Sycamore ranks fairly high,

Because it burns so great,

You could also give Elm a try,

If you’ve got time to wait.


Logs of Rowan and Hornbeams,

Are ones I have selected,

But no matter how good it seems,

Alder should be rejected.


Seasoned logs from most fruit trees,

Are an excellent source of heat,

Giving a aroma that should please,

As it smells summery and sweet.


Birch and Holly burn with speed,

And can go on straight away,

Chestnut burns if you’re in need,

But the lump is there to stay.


On the list we’ve also got,

Cedar, Yew and Plane,

They will keep your fire hot,

Time and time again.


Willow if it’s seasoned well,

Possibly Walnut and Lime,

Larch logs give a pleasant smell,

But spit sparks all the time.


Poplar gives off nasty smoke,

But Conifer is worse by far,

Just ask the unfortunate bloke,

Whose chimney is full of tar!